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Global UC by Global Telelinks Inc

Empowering Businesses with Global unified communications

All types of your businesses, be it small, medium or big, are struggling with communication, collaboration,advertising, launch and sales related expenses today. Our product, Global unified communications seem to be an ideal solution for many challenges faced. Global Telelinks Inc. provided Global UC Microsoft unified communications system that we offer provides the much needed convergence of multiple tools that corporates and even small time businesses can use for their communication, collaboration and federation needs.

If you are thinking of making your complete business integrated through a global unified communications suite and going from one vendor to other, you must try our latest version of Global UC. We are a truly global unified communications solution hosted on Microsoft Lync 2013 that will meet all your requirements with a single product at a much lesser price than all other vendors and products put together.

By deploying our services, an organization can instantly have all communication requirements fulfilled in a single go. It is an instant replacement to many requirements and products like Email, PBX, ePBX, Online meeting, hosted collaboration solutions, Enterprise voice solutions, Video telephony, Audio conferencing (ACS), Web conferencing, Video conferencing, Webcasts, Mobility & On the Go abilities, VoIP, Voice telephony, Skype, Dropbox, IVR (Call by name as well as call by extensions, Inbound and outbound), Online Event management features like webinars, broadcasts, E-training, etc., Chatting, direct calling to mobiles, Presence management, Files & screen shares, Synchronization on all devices, connectivity with all 3rd party equipments, etc.

If you own a business in India and have sales spread across multiple global locations, imagine how much time, effort, resources and money it will take to set up sales nodal points in these globally located areas! All these global locations will need a separate local numbers so that sales potentials can call up on these numbers locally to contact your sales team. And then these numbers will have to be advertised separately. Not only this, you will also have to have an office at all these global locations. You will have to have a sales team member sitting at these offices globally to attend to these sales inquiries! But what if your product or service is such that it can be remotely delivered right from India, however to get connected to your sales potentials in these global locations, you will still require global presence. Office, local numbers, local team members and what not are all costly affairs! Here is where one of the most important features of Global UC helps you out by coming to your help! Even if you are a small business owner and still want to be connected with sales potentials globally, our Microsoft unified communications suite makes it easily possible for you without the need of global numbers and offices in all these global locations. If you have our solution, you can have global virtual numbers that can be attended right here from India, thus saving a lot of your time, efforts and money and yet keeping you at a local call length from your global sales potentials. This is just one of the many advantages that we offer to all our clients. And to make it simpler, you can even choose a single number that works globally as local numbers with different codes off course and save on even your advertising costs!

In a recently conducted survey it was found that after deploying our Global unified communications product, companies save upto 100% on inter-office communications, upto 80% on International call expenditures and upto 60% on travel costs. These are huge impact percentages which indicate that big companies, small time businesses as well as small and medium businesses can consider our services as a big tool to integrate all communications solutions through one single product & vendor as well as gain from the huge cost reductions leading to better business stats and better team productivity.